The Karuizawa Picturebook Museum hosts works by modern era authors including a number of first prints and original images.

The Karuizawa Picturebook Museum was created in July of 1990 in attempt to showcase the picture book’s rich culture from it’s introduction in the west over 300 years ago to modern times. After the commencement of the Karuizawa Picturebook Museum, 2 other facilities were added to the Forest of the Muse Museum Park. Boasting an area of 15000 square meters, visitors are able to enjoy nature and tranquility while visiting the 2 exhibition halls, library, shops, as well as the Picturesque Garden.


  • Karuizawa Picturebook Museum
    From January 9 (Tue) until February 28 (Wed), it will be closed in winter.
    We will hold a spring and summer exhibition from 1st March (Thursday).
  • Forest Of Muse
    English site released.

New original item「Peter Rabbit's Word Leaf」is now available!

The“Word Leaf”, an item already available in the PictureBook Store, is now available with a Peter Rabit design.

Peter Rabbit's Word Leaf 648 yen (Tax included)

Peter Rabit limited original goodslaunch announcement

伴隨著「Karuizawa ・繪本美術館」第一展示館開展中的「彼得兔的祕密房間」,本館開始販賣彼得兔限定文創商品。

原創・彼得兔A4資料夾/冊 324¥ (稅入)
原創・彼得兔明信片/張 216¥ (稅入)