Forest of the Muses’ oasis of relaxation.
A quiet place surrounded by green, Cafe Ruhe.
Ruhe is German for serenity and relaxation.
Visitors can enjoy a number of dishes prepared with fresh ingredients that change with the seasons.

Beginning with our popular lunch menu, Ruhe hosts items such as homemade ginger ale, juices made with fresh picked fruit, alcoholic drinks, and sweets.
Please stop by after a walk around Forest of Muse.

※Entrance ticket is not required. ※Free Wifi

Bacon and spinach sandwich

Prosciutto and tomato sandwich

Original drink

Cake set

Wooden toys from the
Erz region are here!

Wooden Toy Store

Smoking man dolls, Christmas pyramids, and Nutcrack dolls in variety of shapes and sizes, the Wooden Toy Store is replete with nostalgic wooden toys that warm the heart. Toys from Erz, Germany and educational toys from Europe are also available. These handmade wooden toys make great gifts and interior pieces.

※Entrance ticket is not required.

From picture books seen on display or other classic picture books,
the Picture Book Store has a wide variety of goods available.

Picture Book Store

Classic picture books and western picture books, products and original goods related to the featured exhibits are available for purchase. With goods related to Peter Rabbit and other popular picture book characters, post cards, and interesting pop-up books, an item from the picture book store makes the perfect gift.

※Entrance ticket is not required.