Picturesque Garden


Landscape designer / Horticulturist

Paul Smither

Paul Smither was born in Berkshire England and studied horticultural and design with the Royal Horticultural Society’s Wisley Garden and America’s Longwood Garden. In 1997, Smith created the company Garden Rooms, specializing in landscape design and how to create environments supportive of cultivating multiple types of plants, as well as holding a workshop on natural gardens. In 2009, Smith relocated to Yatsugatakenanroku.

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Message from Paul Smither :
I’ve been frequently visiting Karuizawa over the past couple of decades but I’ve noticed a decrease in Karuizawa’s characteristic plantlike due to recent development. At the Karuizawa Picture Book Museum, we are cultivating a variety of trees, shrubbery, perennial plants, and bulbs in order to take advantage and showcase each season’s characteristics. I hope that visitors to the Karuizawa Picture Book Museum, while enjoying high quality picture books, can also enjoy a relaxing and healthy time surrounded by nature.

Picturesque Garden

The Picturesque Garden, located on the grounds of the Karuizawa Picture Book Museum, is a natural garden created by landscape designer Paul Smither. Using plants native to the grounds, the Picturesque Garden is a blend of the new as well as familiar. Please take advantage of our natural garden that changes with the seasons.