(Middle/High school)
(Elementary school)
Karuizawa Picturebook Museum

*Entrance fee to the Picturesque Garden included

950¥ 600¥ 450¥
Karuizawa Erz Toy Museum 750¥ 500¥ 350¥
Multi-Museum Ticket 1,400¥ 900¥ 650¥
  • OPEN

    *Final admission is 30 minutes before closing

    ⃝Every tuesday
    ⃝Opening hours change(Middle of January until end of March)
    ⃝Golden Week and from July~September: Open everyday
    ⃝Closing dates during December and January.Please contact for information.
    Nagano Prefecture, Kitasaku District, Karuizawa City, Nagakura 182 (Shiozawa・Kazakoshi Park Arena)

*Preschool child is free Admission

※The Karuizawa Era Toy Museum is a Heart Building facility.

※The Karuizawa Picturebook Museum and Picturesque Garden are barrier free areas (with the exception of certain areas)

※Visitors with disabilities are allowed half off on museum admissions.(Documentation proving disability is required)

※Discounts applicable with the purchase of single museum tickets are not applicable with multiple museum tickets.

※Parental supervision is required for entrance of children under an elementary school age.

Concerning pets:

For visitors who are considering bringing a pet to Forest of the Muse、pets are not allowed on the museum grounds. At the rest area at the entrance of the Picturebook Museum there is an area for tying leashes. Pets are also allowed on the terrace of the Cafe Ruhe.


1.Tickets purchased are valid once on day of purchase only.

2.Please do not touch the displays.

3.Please refrain from any form of photography at exhibitions and shops.

4.Smoking is allowed only at designated smoking areas.

5.Eating indoors is only prohibited in designated areas.

6.Please do not bring in pets.※Assistance dogs are allowed (Seeing eye dogs, etc.)

7.Pets are not allowed in the Picturesque Garden in order to preserve the plants.

8.Please do not enter flower beds or climb the stone walls.

9.Please leave the grounds the way you found them. Taking plants or collecting bugs or animals is prohibited.

10.Please watch your step as there are slopes, protruding objects, etc.

11.Due to rain, snow, etc. the grounds become slippery. Please watch your step when walking on the grounds during or after inclement weather.

12.When crossing the road between the Picturebook Museum and the Erz Toy Museum, please be careful of traffic. Those accompanying children, please be aware of where they are at all times.

13.The premises are full of nature and is an open environment, but coming in contact with falletrees, trunks/branches, nuts etc. could result in death. Please be careful around the trees.

14.By coming in contact with trees or structures there is a possibility of being cut or dirtied. Please be careful.

15.If you are stung or bitten by an animal or insect, there is a chance of injury or severe allergic reaction. Please be careful.

16.Vehicles other than strollers or wheelchairs are not permitted. Also, as there are slopes and bumps on the grounds, please be careful when using strollers and wheelchairs.

17.The use or carrying of play equipment on the grounds is prohibited.

18.The use of drones or radio controlled helicopters on the grounds, including the parking lot, is prohibited.

19.In order to protect items on display in the exhibits, lights and air conditioning units are adjusted.

20.Please be quiet while in the exhibits.

21.Forest of the Muse is not responsible for accidents, lost items, thefts, and other trouble that occurs on the grounds.

22.Please refrain from photography that requires large equipment. (In some cases permission can be granted. Please contact Forest of the Muse directly)