Picturebook Museum


First Exhibition Hall

Shinichi Yoshida Collection|Ayumi’s Western Picture Books|Atelier of Etsuko Kibai
With its characteristic complex wooden framework on display, the First Exhibition Hall is the centerpiece of the Picture Book Museum. Hosting well know scholar of western children’s literature Shinichi Yoshida’s research materials as well as the Peter Rabbit’s Secret Room exhibit, the picture book’s rich history and culture comes to life. There is also an area available for wedding photos to be taken.

Second Exhibition Hall

Spring・Summer・Fall・Winter - Featured Exhibitions
Introduction of Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales, Story based picture books, Introduction of works by Japanese and foreign artists, exhibitions covering a wide range of themes are on display. The Second Exhibition Hall is located in the back of the garden area.

*Every year, special exhibition is held in spring / summer and autumn / winter.

Third Exhibition Hall

Peter Rabbit’s Secret Room
To commemorate Peter Rabbit’s 150th anniversary in 2016, a permanent exhibit to introduce the Peter Rabbit series was established. Under the supervision of Japan’s top research of Beatrix Potter’s work, Shinichi Yoshida, visitors can go deep into the world of Potter’s creations and come closer to uncovering the secret of Peter Rabbit.

Picture Book Library

With an emphasis on western picture books, over 1,800 picture books are available for viewing.

The House in the Forest ( Event space )

The House in the Forest, located in the rear of the Picture Book Shop, is a conference room that hosts a variety of events including educational programs and movie screenings. The House in the Forest is also available to the public for meetings and events. The space is also available for wedding receptions. Please inquire for more information.

The Wish of the Forest

「The Wish of the Forest」is a place for everyone’s wishes to reach the stars. Visitors can write their wish on a wooden tag, 「The Word Leaf」, and tie it to a tree. Before placing your wish in the tree, please fold it in half and take the part with the design with you.

「The Word Leaf」can be purchased at the Picture Book Shop.